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How do you think we will live in the future? Who knows… Maybe teleportation will exist and distance will no longer be...

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How do you think we will live in the future? Who knows… Maybe teleportation will exist and distance will no longer be a problem; We will have no complaints about late delivery because there will be drones; in supermarkets everything will be automatic, there will be robots that help us in daily work; there will be no more highways because we will use flying cars orwe could evengo to Mars whenever we want as if it were a normal thing.

In any case, the future starts today and for once it looks bright; the birth of smart cities is only one example. Smart cities havean extremely specific purpose: to improve the quality of life of the people who live there, ensuring environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

The founding element is technology, in all its expressions, from the use of innovative tools to data analysis software environment too, butenvironmental sustainability is not only the efficiency of the transport system, but concerns every aspect of urban life: architectural solutions and buildings designed in an environmentally friendly way, extensive use of renewable energy sources and devices equipped with artificial intelligence. Technology, is essential for the careful management of resources and search for high-tech.

One of the most sustainable and innovative ideas is the invention of the so-called “HUNTING POLLUTION” these are massive works of art painted on the walls of buildings with anti-smog paint formulated by the Italian artist Federico Massa. He is the artist who used AIRLITE technology, an ecological paint that cleans the air. An example of this artistic work can be found in Italy:  the first eco-mural in the world was created in Rome and it is the greatest of Europe! It is a new green lung for the for the capital: 1000 square meters of amazing art able to clean the air like a forest of 30 trees.

You might certainly feel you have woken up in the next century  in one  of the most famous smart cities in the world,   Singapore:  a Southeast Asian  island and city state at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, with a population of 5.686 million people.Since 2019, the city has been considered the world’s smartest city because  it works to “enhance the benefits and diminish the shortcomings of urbanization for its citizens.”

With 80% of its residents living in public housing, the country offers an extremely sleek system of public transportation called the Mass Rapid Transit. This is an underground system of transportation that reaches all over Singapore, and the concealed system of transportation creates an emphasis on public spaces. The urban organization of Singapore intends its residents to enjoy an ample number of public spaces, and urban forestry making the city very sustainable and green.

If you ever happen to take a trip to Singapore in addition to the fascinating historical monuments and natural parks do not miss the interactive museums that give you the feeling of being in a science fiction movie offering a lot of multimedia content. Another attraction is the “Supertree Grove”. The amazing thing is that these giants 25 to 50 meters high are incredibly non-polluting works of art! Indeed, their foliage is characterized by photovoltaic panels, and ventilation ducts capable of creating energy for lighting and giving extraordinary games of light and music during the night.

I must say that I am optimistic. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.In my opinion if  we all have the same goal, we can do everything to make our planet a better place for future generations too; investing capital adequately and using human intelligence not for destructive purposes, but for solutions that do not put at risk the only HOME we have. Well, with smart cities the future is already here!


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